September 10, 2016



Hello to all of our favorite people!

     Welcome to our wedding webpage. As you obviously already know....We're getting MARRIED!!!  Feel free to check out this website and hopefully any questions you have will be answered. We would love if you would save some trees and RSVP right on this site under the RSVP tab. We have directions posted on how to get to the wedding. And you can also look over our registry on here if your in need of a gift idea (Kyle says any kind of tools would be great but dont feel obligated ;) ). 

Now onto wedding day activities. As our big day gets closer we figured we'd pass along some little nuggets to keep you in the loop.

       Were getting married in Ruby Creek which is just north of Walkerville in Mason County. Ruby Creek is home to Paiges Papa and her great aunt and uncle Hindes. The creek has always been an epicenter for the Evans family. From camping and hunting to kayaking and cookouts, Porter rd has always been where everyone wants to be! We decided what better place to have a wedding than there! Also no neighbors to worry about because we might be up a little late!

     The ceremony and reception will both take place on Porter rd (which is you ladies thinking of wearing heels, you have been warned). Both the wedding and reception are within walking distance of each other but because we are expecting a lot of people with a bunch of cars you may have a little walk from your vehicles to the wedding site. For those of you who may need assistance we will have handicap parking and a shuttle of sorts (hay ride) to shorten the walk for you. Please see a parking attendent as you arrive if you need special arrangements.

     The ceremony will start promptly at 4pm Saturday the 10th of September. Following the wedding there will be dinner, drinks, both live music and a DJ as you dance under the stars. Feel free to stay as late as you can handle.

     Once the night is over there are a few options for lodging in the area. The closest option is pitching a tent at Paige's Papa's property just a hundred yards down the road from the reception. The closest hotels are in Hart and Ludington depending on which way your coming from. We have listed the recomended lodging on this site for you to check over and book your rooms or if you choose read up on your tent owners manual.  


     Both the wedding and the reception will be held outdoors. We all know the weather will be sunny and beautiful the day of the wedding but just in case it isn't we do have a tent for the recpetion.  Keep the fact that you will be outdoors in mind as you decide what you will be wearing to this event. Also like we said before we will be walking on a gravel road and in the grass so high heels may not be the best choice. The attire for this wedding is semi formal (no we will not be wearing camo tuxs) for those of you wondering what to wear. 


Any other questions you may have feel free to call or email Paige or Kyle @ 

Paige 231-343-5366 or

Kyle 231-903-9656